Department of Curriculum Studies and Development

Department of Curriculum Studies and Development (DCS&D) has been set up with effect from 13th December, 2021 by merging the Department of Curriculum Studies (DCS) and Curriculum Group (CG) to look after various aspects of school curriculum research and development and preparation of National Curriculum Frameworks in consonance with perspectives of the National Education Policies. The department has following roles and functions:

  • Engaging in policy formulations on curriculum development practices and also in its implementation
  • Generating database on curriculum practices and curricular materials including textbooks
  • Developing guidelines to provide support on the curriculum research and development
  • Building capacities of agencies in States/UTs serving in school education on curriculum research and development
  • Developing and disseminating various documents to provide academic support to stakeholders on curriculum issues
  • Coordinating the process of development of National Curriculum Framework and related documents
  • Building capacities of teachers and teacher educators in contextualizing Curriculum
  • Designing courses in curriculum research and development
  • Conducting curriculum research for looking at interconnected knowledge base of curriculum and the mechanisms employed in the process of curriculum development
  • Building a culture of intellectual inquiry for evolving strategies in the process of curriculum development
  • Providing academic support to states/UTs in the development of Curriculum across the stages and its implementation
  • Conducting evolution studies related to Curriculum
  • Strengthening linkages among various academic/examination bodies for the effective implementation of Curriculum