NIE Guest House (NIE-GH) and PG Hostel (PGH)

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi offers two accommodation facilities, namely, the National Institute of Education Guest House (NIEGH) and PG Hostel (PGH), located within the NCERT Campus. These Guest Houses are primarily meant for official guests of the NCERT, including Experts, Teachers, Teacher Educators, Students, etc. invited by the Council to contribute/attend Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Training Programs, etc. organized by the Council. The Guest House has a capacity of 02 VIP Suites and 48 fully furnished AC Rooms. Similarly, the PG Hostel has a capacity of 64 fully furnished AC Rooms. There are two dining halls with the seating capacity of upto 60 and 20 persons.




Category ‘A’ (For Internal Guest- Indian Nationals Only)

  1.  Non-NCERT persons invited by the Council for attending conference/ seminar/ workshop/ meeting/ programmes/ other official work etc. in NCERT.
  2.  NCERT officials/employees on intra-institutional deputation to NCERT Hqr.
  3.  Council employees including their family members as defined under FR & SR 2 (i.e. Council’s employees and their spouse and legitimate children wholly dependent and residing with the employees) on LTC/personal work subject to submission of a formal request well in advance indicating the details of each member (viz, name, relationship with Council employee and full dependency certificate etc. in respect of each family member and duly forwarded/ verified/ & recommended by their branch officer etc.)
  4.  Council’s Formers Directors/Joint Directors/ Principals/ Pensioners and their dependent family members (retired employees on superannuation/on voluntary retirement including their dependent family members) on their personal work subject to submission of a formal request along with copy of Council’s retired person certificate and full dependency certificate in respect of family members of the retired person/pensioner as recorded in retirement certificate.
  5.   Staff engaged by the Council on contract basis for their official work subject to recommendation from their Heads of the Department/ Branch Officer/ Administrative Head (i.e., DS/US) etc.

Category ‘B’ (For external Guests (Indian Nationals Only)

  1.  Faculty members & other staffs of Academic Institutions such as. University/ NVS/ IKVS/ CBSE/SIE/SCERT/Technical Institutions and officials of Central and State Governments and their undertaking bodies or experts invited by NGOs/other organizations for their meetings/conference/workshop etc.
  2.  Staff deployed by the Council on contract basis for their personal work subject to recommendation from their Heads of Department/ Branch Officer/ Administrative Heads (i.e., DS/US) etc.
  3.  Research scholars/students from various Universities/Educational/Technical Institutions for library consultation/data collection work with certificates from their Institutional/Departmental Heads/Research Supervisors etc.
  4.  Guests of President/Vice-President/Prime Minister of India/MOE/HRM/MOS (MOE) office and other Ministries.
  5.  Any other Indian guest with the approval of the Director/Joint Director, Joint Director, CIET/ Secretary, NCERT/Chairperson, NIEGH/PGH visiting NCERT on official purposes.

Category ‘C’ (International Guests)

  1.  International guests sponsored by NCERT/ MOE/other Academic/Non-Governmental Organizations working in the field of education subject to verification of their documents and recommendations from Head, IRD/approval from the Competent Authority at NCERT Hq.
  2.  International guests sponsored by MEA and /or any other Ministry under GOI under International Technical & Educational Co-operation programme for training in NCERT/other Academic Institution in Delhi.
  3.  Requests from Institutions from abroad for training programmes involving NCERT/any Constituent Unit of NCERT.
  4.  Sponsored by GoI Institutions from within India.

If you fall in any of the categories mentioned, can navigate through tabs for futher booking process.