Minutes of DAB, 04 Feb 2010

Minutes of the meeting of Departmental Advisory Board held on 4 February 2010

The meeting of the Departmental Advisory Board of DCETA was held on 4 February 2010 at 2.00 p.m. in the Room No. 201, Chacha Nehru Bhavan, NIE Campus. The following members of DAB (or their nominees) attended the meeting:

Prof. Rajaram S. Sharma Head, DCETA, Chairman
Shri Dileep Ranjekar CEO, Azim Premji Foundation (Member)
Ms Divya Jyoti Teacher, SLS DAV Public School, Delhi (Member)
Dr. Sneh Lata Prasad Reader, Nominee of Head, DOL (Member)
Dr. Reetu Singh Lecturer, Nominee of Head, DESSH (Member)
Shri R.R. Koireng Lecturer, Nominee of Head, Curriculum (Member)
Dr. P.D.Subhash Lecturer, Nominee of Head, PPMED (Member)
Ms Indu Kumar Lecturer, Nominee of JD, CIET (Member)
Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Jindal Reader, DCETA (Nominee of Head)
Dr. R.K. Parashar Reader, DCETA, Special Invitee
Ms Pushp Lata Verma Lecturer, DCETA, Special Invitee

Prof. M.P.S. Bhatia, Prof. Kamal Dutta and Shri Anand Kishore could not attend the meeting.

The Chairman welcomed the members and explained the areas of concern of the Department. He presented a summary of the activities that the Department undertook during the past five years. The proceedings of the meetings are as follows:

Agenda item No.1: The minutes of the meeting of the Departmental Advisory Board of DCETA held on 24th September 2009, were circulated among the members of the DAB. The DAB formally confirmed the minutes.

Agenda item No.2: Prof. Sharma gave a brief background and discussed the PAC approved programmes of 2009-10, their scope and progress so far.

Following general discussion, comments on individual programmes proposed for the year 2010-11 came from the members. Those are summerised below:

Programme No.1: ICT Options for the School System - Development of a testing laboratory

Prof. Rajaram S. Sharma, Coordinator of the project briefed the DAB about the project. The scope of the title, objectives and the nature of activities in the proposed lab were discussed and a suggestion was made to reword the title accordingly.

Programme No.2: Development of resources and support for web and online activities

The Chairman highlighted the progress of the programme, which includes

  • Optimisation of all e-textbooks in terms of file size, correction of links and font related issues, reducing download times significantly
  • Conversion of e-books into online textbooks linking it to a range of other web resources
  • Revision of all profiles of faculty members initiated
  • Development of websites of each individual department to better showcase its functions, activities, events and progress initiated.

  • Programme No.3: Development of ICT based support to Sr.Secondary curriculum in Chemistry

    Dr. Parashar demonstrated the exemplar work done for the program undertaken during 2009-10 on Development of digital resources for class XI Chemistry. He also briefed the members about proposed work to be done for the programme. Shri Dileep Ranjekar suggested the development of process of participation of teachers for submission/suggestion of additional resources to the textbook. It was agreed that this activity be taken up separately.

    Programme No.4: Development of ICT based support to Sr.Secondary curriculum in Biology (class -XI)

    Chairman briefed about the programme. The proposed work in this programme is similar to the programme no. 3.

    Programme No.5: Case Studies of ICT Practices in Schools

    This is a carried over program, Prof. Rajaram S. Sharma, Coordinator of the project briefed the DAB about the project. The programme proposed in CIET during 2009-10 could not be taken-up. This has been approved by DERPP (ERIC).

    Programme No.6: Development of textbooks on “Computer and Communication Technology (CCT)” for Classes XI and XII

    Dr. Jindal briefed the house about the status of the books. The text books on Computers and Communication Technology (CCT) for Class XI was taken in two parts, (Part-I and Part-II). The Part-I (English) of the book has been printed while the Part-II is under print. Hindi translation of Part-I is completed, and is submitted for copy editing to publication department. Urdu version of Part-I of textbook for class XI is published.

    The chapters for the proposed Textbook on Computers and Communication Technology (CCT) for Class XII are being finalised.

    The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.