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1. Cabinet Minister, Human Resource Development (President, NCERT)
2. Minister of State, Human Resource Development  (Department of Secondary and Higher Education)
3. Secretary/Additional Secretary/Joint Secretaries & Their Offices (Department of Secondary and Higher Education)
4. Secretary/Additional Secretary/Joint Secretaries, Department of Elementary Education and Literacy
5. NCERT Constituents
6. Director,Joint Director and Secretary, NCERT
7. Department of Education in Social Sciences and Humanities (DESSH)
8. Department of Education in Science and Mathematics (DESM)
9. Department of Elementary Education (DEE)
10. Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations of Education (DEPFE)
10. Department of Teacher Education and Extension (DTEE)
11. Department of Education of Groups with Special Needs (DEGSN)
12. Department of Educational Research and Policy Perspectives (DERPP)
13. Department of Educational Surveys and Data Processing (DES&DP)
14. Department of Educational Measurement and Evaluation (DEME)
15. Department of Women’s Studies (DWS)
16. Department of Computer Education and Technological Aids (DCETA)
17. Planning, Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PPMED)