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Contact Person For Queries

NCERT (EPABX) +91-11-26560620
+91-11-26868419 (FAX)
CIET (EPABX) +91-11-26864801-810
+91-11-26864141 (FAX)

Contact Persons::
Concern Issue Officer Phone/Fax Email-id
Publications: Textbooks, Journals, etc. Prof. Neerja Shukla +91-11-26852261 pd.ncert@nic.in
Availability of Printed Textbooks, Journals, etc. Shri Gautam Ganguly +91-11-26852261 +91-11-26562708 cbm.ncert@nic.in
Textbooks (Online) Prof. Rajaram Sharma +91-11-26569630 dceta.ncert@nic.in
National Talent Search
a. NTS Examination Inquiry
b. NTS Scholarship Inquiry
Prof. Mamta Agrawal +91-11-26560464 +91-11-26562704 mamta.ncert@nic.in ntse2@yahoo.co.in
National Curriculum Framework Prof. Santosh Sharma +91-11-26527044 cg.ncert@nic.in
NIE Guest House Shri P.K. Bhatnagar, Manager Reception desk: +91-11-26961921 +91-11-26961921 +91-11-26864732 ----
Library Dr. Moortimati Samantaray +91-11-26961745 dldi.ncert@nic.in
Examinations / Evaluation Prof. Avtar Singh & Prof. Mamta Agarwal +91-11-26515382 +91-11-26536778 +91-11-26562704 deme.ncert@nic.in mamta.ncert@nic.in
Public Relation Officer Mr. Deeraj Jandial +91-11-26569157 proncert@hotmail.com