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NetLibrary - Full-text Books
  • NetLibrary is the leading provider of electronic books (eBooks) and Internet-based content management services. Hundreds of publishers of academic, professional, reference, and scholarly books have adopted netLibrary's digital rights management infrastructure. netLibrary develops, archives, hosts, and securely distributes eBooks and print-ready files through a variety of channels, including academic, corporate, public, and school libraries. netLibrary eBooks are full-text searchable and available for use on personal computers in online formats. Currently there are more than 5,500 libraries and organizations accessing netLibrary eBooks either through individually owned collections, shared collections via consortia, or both. The NetLibrary has more than 40,000 eBooks available across numerous academic disciplines and general subject categories.

Project Gutenberg
  • Project Gutenberg began in 1971 with Michael Hart as its chief coordinator. The Project Gutenberg has put electronic text of hundreds of titles available in public domain, i.e having no copyright, which enables free distribution. More than 1,900 texts have been made available so far in this project.

Online Books
  • Currently indexes over 15,000 on-line books and shorter texts by author and title, searchable. Can also browse by author, title, or subject. Also links to many other sources of online books.

  • Features book-related resources on the Web. Highlight is information on finding online book discussion groups or starting your own book club. The site includes links to book reviews, lists of books for children, electronic books, and bestseller lists.

Best Book Buys
  • This site compares prices at over twenty independent and chain online bookstores. Your search will show whether a book is in stock or back-ordered, how soon it will be shipped, and the approximate shipping cost. The site searches for all kinds of books, including new and used books, textbooks, audio books, and out-of-print books.

InformIT - Computer Books Online
  • This company is providing a great resource for Internet and computer information on various topics. Currently they are providing, free registration required, full-text books for online reading on topics such as: Desktop Applications (Photoshop, Excel, Word); Using the Internet/Web (Netscape, MSIE); Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.); Web Technologies (Java, HTML, Perl, CGI, etc.); and more. There are more than 100 titles to chose from.

Electronic Literature Directory
  • The Electronic Literature Directory is a unique and valuable resource for readers and writers of digital texts. It provides an extensive database of listings for electronic works, their authors, and their publishers. The descriptive entries cover poetry, fiction, drama, and nonfiction that makes significant use of electronic techniques or enhancements. The Directory provides easy access to one of the most exciting and fastest-growing bodies of cutting-edge literature. Among the new forms of writing represented here are hypertexts and other interactive pieces, kinetic or animated poems, multimedia works, generated texts, and works that allow reader collaboration. Directory users can also enjoy the enhancements that the new technology brings to traditional literature, such as streaming audio readings of poetry by masters ranging from e.e. cummings and Dylan Thomas to contemporary Pulitzer Prize winners.

University of Virginia(USA)
Internet Public Library
Free Ebooks
  • This site includes more than 100,000 pages of free books and teaching materials. Over 20,000 pages of books and commentaries by Carl Peterson and over 1000 classic books reformatted to Peterson e-writing styles are available.

Ebooks for Free
  • This site provides hundreds of links to e-books and manuscripts, historical documents and literature and much more.

  • This site now has over 20,000 e-books titles available. A Middle East collection of approximately 100 full-text books and maps is now available for free online viewing.

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