Department of Early Literacy and School Libraries



The need to develop a programme to promote reading amongst children has been felt for a long time. Though reading has long been recognised as a key component of a sound educational programme, no viable plan is in place in a majority of schools to ensure children’s mastery over reading skills. Reading is integral to academic studies, professional success and personal development, and has been recognised in pedagogic literature as a distinct developmental area in the formative years of schooling. It is a matter of serious concern for educationists as towhy reading has remained passive and perfunctory in the school curriculum. So far, reading for pleasure has remained more a theoretical concept than an actual educational goal. It is felt that in an effort to help children grow up as proficient readers, a self-reading programme in early years of schooling needs to be put in place. A Reading Cell is set up by the NCERT under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. The main objective of this Cell is to focus attention on the teaching of reading in the early classes in primary schools. The Cell is expected to bring out innovative reading material for young children and to organize teacher training for the promotion of better appreciation of the significance of early literacy for later development.