Mathematics of Planet Earth-2013


The fascinating world of Mathematics provides us an unlimited scope to perceive problems under three situations - concrete, abstract and intuition. The important segment of mathematics- the ability to reason and think clearly is extremely useful in every aspect of life. Experiences with mathematical modes of thought build mathematical power- a capacity of mind of increased value in this technological age that enables one to read critically, to identify fallacies, to detect biases, to assess risk and to suggest alternatives. From medical technology to economic planning, from genetics to geology, mathematics has made an indelible imprint on every part of modern science, even as science itself has stimulated for growth of many branches of mathematics. Therefore, Mathematics is a powerful way of investigating and understanding the world.


With this motive, the International Mathematical Community brought forward the idea of Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE) – 2013. During this year an attempt will be made to explore the Mathematical framework in Nature and to see how Mathematics with the help of other disciplines can provide solutions that will help to face the challenging problems on the planet earth, like- the problem arising out of growing population competing for the limited global resources, the dramatic meteorological changes in climate, environmental issues, etc. The ideas generated and the initiatives thought during MPE-2013 are likely to make an impact on the society in such a way that a new generation of researchers will be motivated to explore mathematics involved in scientific problems related to sustainability of Planet Earth. These efforts may provide opportunities for exploring Mathematics with interdisciplinary approaches in the context of Evolution of Planet Earth and its development (historical, geographical, political, astronomical, environmental, etc.).

The Department of Education in Science and Mathematics (DESM), NCERT New Delhi, is organizing various activities with following specific objectives on the occasion of Mathematics of Planet Earth-2013. 

· To establish association with various organizations (departments), schools and community to play the role in solving need based problems faced by the society.

· To organize a competition for designing and display of virtual or physical exhibits in a National Exhibition and to give a National Award.

· To conduct workshops towards an awareness of interdisciplinary approach in Mathematics.

· To organize webinars.

· To organize a National Conference on MPE-2013

· To publish proceeding of all the activities done under MPE-2013.

The first event Exhibit Competition” has been announced. The Department is inviting your association in these several activities including participation of your orgnisation in this very first activity of Exhibit Competition.  You can download the booklet along with poster of this activity from the following links.

Dr. P. K. Chaurasia (email and mobile number 09414003552) is the coordinator of this project and can be contacted for any queries/ feedback or discussions.



Exhibit Competition in Mathematics of Planet Earth-2013

1.  Booklet (English)

2.  Poster (English)

3.  Booklet (Hindi)

4.  Poster (Hindi)