Electoral Literacy Clubs (ELCs) are envisioned by the Election Commission of India as extra-curricular platforms in schools that sensitize students from Class IX to XII on their electoral rights and familiarizes them with the electoral process of registration and voting. ELCs engage with the students through interesting activities, games and hands on experience. ELC Resource Guides have been developed specific to each grade for the benefit of club conveners (teachers). These Resource Guides describe the conduct of the simple activities in a detailed, step by step manner. The self-explanatory format of these resource guides enable conveners to independently organize ELCs. Additionally, a detailed handbook on FAQs related to election related information is also available in the resources. Electoral Literacy Clubs were born out of the Election Commission's project 'Mainstreaming of Electoral Literacy through Educational Institutions, Organizations and Communities in India' which aims to impart civic education to the younger generation for encouraging robust electoral participation.

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