Functions of the Department

Awareness Generation on Gender Sensitivity : Sensitization and orientation of key educational personnel including teacher educators, educational planners and administrators on education for girls and women’s equality.
Re–designing Curriculum and Educational Programme : Evaluation of textbooks for eliminating gender bias from textbooks, development of guidelines, handbooks and exemplar material for teachers, curriculum makers, and educational planners for promotion of gender equality and making the curriculum gender inclusive.
Orientation of Curriculum Makers, Textbook Writers and Educational Planners : Sensitization and orientation programmes for incorporation of identified values that commensurate with equality between sexes, peace and harmony in textbooks and school curriculum.
Inculcation of Positive Self Image in the Girl Child : School based programmes with media support using interactive processes and working in close liaison with the experts in related areas.
Promotion of Research and Innovative Action Projects : Preparation of innovative projects and research development abstracts. Dissemination of innovations and action researches in the area of girls’ education and women’s development.
Inputs into Teacher Education : Formulation of intervention strategies for inputs into teacher education curriculum, training of teacher educators, pre- service and in- service education of teachers..
Data Bank : To collect, collate, compile and analyze gender statistics on education and allied indicators, at district, state, national and international levels.
Networking : Work in close collaboration with the constituent units of NCERT, MHRD, Planning Commission, Department of Women and Child Development, NUEPA, Women’s Studies Centres, Women’s Universities, Faculties of Education, National, International and Voluntary organizations working in the area of girls’ education.
Mobilization of Women and Community: Mobilizing women and the community at the village level for greater participation in educational planning for improving enrolment, retention and educational achievement of girls.
Interacting with Media : Development of messages and themes relevant for promotion of girls’ education and positive self-image particularly amongst those from deprived groups.
Development of Textual & Promotional Materials : Development and preparation of textual and promotional material in curricular areas for different stages of school education for undoing gender stereotypes.