The Key Functions of the Department are:

  • Carry out researches to review the existing activities and suggesting new initiatives in the field of education of persons with disabilities and those belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and the minorities.
  • Organize training programmes, both face to face and through EDUSAT, for teachers, teacher educators and policy makers to sensitize and train them in strategies for providing quality education and equal educational opportunities to children belonging to the vulnerable groups.
  • Support the development of inclusive curriculum at the national and state levels, providing inputs for development of inclusive textbooks and suggesting reforms in the examination procedures from the perspective of groups with special needs.
  • Develop teaching learning material like teachers’ guides, manuals, index for inclusion, training guidelines and Braille literacy curriculum.
  • Advice and support the Centre, states, NGOs and international and national level agencies for effective implementation of inclusion
  • Network and draw linkages between various departments, organizations and people involved in the education of special focus groups.
  • Conduct activities under the SSA’s national component for special focus groups; and
  • Act as clearing house for researches and developed materials.