National Documentation Unit (NDU) for Preschool and Elementary Education-

A Resource Centre

The 'National Documentation Unit (NDU) for Preschool and Elementary Education' was set-up in the Department of Elementary Education in 1996-97 as a 'Resource Centre' for compiling document/ material in the area of preschool and elementary education. Thus, NDU serves as a forum for exchange of information/ innovations/ ideas to various organisations and individuals at various fora. Thus, the prime purpose of this unit is to procure and maintain document/ material related to preschool and elementary education including early literacy and early school mathematics with special reference to universalisation of elementary education.

Role and Functions of NDU:

  • Procurement of documents/ material: both print and non-print material in the form of reports, textual material and teacher support material such as module; manuals and educational kits from various sources i.e. educational institutions; National Book Trust (NBT); Children's Book Trust (CBT); HRD; EDCIL; NUEPA; IGNOU; SCERTs/ SIES; DIETs; book fare; other government and non-government organizations are procured in NDU.
  • Collection, organisation and classification of documents/ material: both print and non-print document/ material generated by various government and non-government educational organisations or agencies working in the area of preschool, elementary education, early literacy and early school mathematics are collected; organised and classified scientifically for easy access.
  • Cataloguing of documents/ material: all organised and classified document/ material are being catalogued for easy retrieval.
  • Arrangement and stocking of material: all the document/ material are being arranged and stocked as per library guidelines in bookshelves, almirahs, cupboards, racks, etc. to be used as reference.
  • Maintaining as an active 'Resource Hub': NDU is being developed and maintained as an active 'Resource Hub' for different kinds of users like: students, teachers, researchers, trainers etc.
  • Documentation of and sharing of Information-Data-Bank: all the material available in NDU is continuously being documented and uploaded on DEE home page and NCERT website. It is also shared through e-mail, journals and circulars.

Services provided in NDU:

  • Circulation service to NCERT staff: issue, return, reservation and renewal of the documents service is available in NDU.
  • Reference service: NDU staff guides users to identify and locate the desired document.
  • Reading facility service: NDU has two separate calm and quite rooms with comfortable sitting arrangement for reading.
  • Current awareness service: NDU disseminate information about new arrivals (documents and journal/ magazine) through e-mail and display on display board and shelves.

Documents/ Material available in NDU:

  • Print Material:
    Research reports, Policies, Curriculum, Position Papers, Books, Textbooks, Handbooks, Teacher's Manual, Training Manuals/ Modules, Teaching Learning Material, Standardized test, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries (English, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit with illustrations), Journals (National and International) and Magazines
  • Non-print Material:
    Educational Kits, Games and play material/ equipments, Audio-Video Programmes/ Spots (CDs/ DVDs/cassettes) and World Globe

Areas in which material is available:

Teacher Education, Curriculum, Teaching Learning Material, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Right to Education (RTE), EGS&AIE, Multi-Grade and Multi-Level Teaching, Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), Early Literacy (EL), Early School Mathematics (ESM)

General Rules to be followed by visitors:

  • No document can be taken out of NDU without issuing. No document will be issued to the outside visitors and temporary staff of NCERT. If necessary, they are required to enrol themselves as casual members of the NDU by providing the proof of residence, voter I.D. Card, Driving License, passport, Ration Card etc. or a letter from the institution where they are employed.
  • Document will be issued for the period of fifteen days only and may be extended after renewal.


National Documentation Unit (NDU) for Preschool and Elementary Education- A Resource Centre
Department of Elementary Education
Room No. 416, 4th Floor,
G. B. Pant Block,
NIE, NCERT, New Delhi- 110 016


Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed on all Gazetted holidays

Contact Person:

Incharge/ Coordinator, NDU, DEE
Semi Professional Assistant (SPA), NDU, DEE

Contact Details:

Phone: 011-26863735