Program No. : 5


1. Title of the Programme : Case Studies of ICT Practices in Schools
2. Objectives:  
  • To document innovative ICT enabled practices in teaching learning
  • To analyse teacherís understanding of ICT, its influence on teaching learning practice, and its implementation
  • To analyse the effects of ICT implementation on teaching learning practices
3. Reseach Questions :  
  Does implementation of ‘ICT supported teaching learning’ lead to improvements in teachers’ existing practices?
What characteristics and factors of the implementation affect the teacher practices?
Does involvement in ‘ICT supported teaching learning’ lead to transformation of existing teacher practices?

What characteristics and factors of ‘ICT supported teaching learning’ foster or hinder transformation of teacher practices?
4. Likely Outcomes and Benefits:

The studies are expected to inform the range of practices that constitute ICT implementation in Schools, provide pointers to teacher orientation, research and policy planning, particularly in the ICT Scheme of the MHRD.

5. Methodology:
  Research Design

A case study approach would be adopted. Individual teachers who have established themselves as effective users of ICT in their classrooms would constitute the cases. Data obtained through observations, field notes, documents available, and interviews of teachers would be used for the study. Relevant tools/schedules/checklists, where required would be developed for data collection. Validity of the evidence would be established through triangulation.


Over the years, various schools have implemented ICT as a vehicle for teaching learning in a variety of different ways. Many teachers have systematically adopted ICT, developed their own styles of teaching learning with the help of ICT tools and processes, and have been recognized for the creative ways of enhancing learning in their classrooms. These teachers form the population for the study and a sample of 10-15 teachers would be drawn from this population. Available documentation and testimonies would be used to guide the selection of the cases.

6. Duration of the Programme: 12 months; (April, 2010 to March, 2011)
7. Target Groups: School Education
8. Budget Proposed: Rs.1,92,000/-
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