Program No. : 2


1. Title of the Programme : Development of resources and support for web and online activities of NCERT
2. Type:(Research/ Development/ Training/ Extension/ Any other): Development
3. Category : New (regular activity)

The need for maintaining a vibrant and dynamic Web Site for the Council cannot be overemphasised. The site has been enriched with resource materials, announcements and other important and relevant information in Hindi and English both. The site is constantly growing in size and viewership. Individual NIE departments have also evinced interested in using this medium to project their activities on the web and to utilise the features to develop their linkages with the larger school system. DCETA takes on this responsibility, constantly exploring the technology and to providing support to interested departments.

  Progress so far:

The NCERT web site ( is being constantly developed and maintained by the department. The following measures to improve its purpose, design and reach have been initiated:

Optimisation of all e-textbooks in terms of file size, correction of links and font related issues undertaken; download times have been significantly reduced. A provision for downloading either individual chapters or the entire book is now available.

A process of converting these e-books into online textbooks linking it to a range of other web resources initiated.

A process of revising all profiles of faculty members initiated; the new versions will be indexed on department affiliations and specialisations. A process of developing websites of each individual department to better showcase its functions, activities, events and progress initiated.

4. Specific Objectives:  
  • To develop the know how and resources for technologies to be used on the NCERT websites
  • To support the web development and deployment activities of NIE departments
  • To maintain the NCERT website
5. Methodology:  

The NCERT website is being restructured to better showcase the activities of the council and to respond to the needs of the larger school system. To achieve this objective, separate sections are envisaged for each Department and activity of the Council. The following methodology will be adopted:

DCETA will continue to provide technological and administrative support to maintain and develop the entire NCERT website.

DCETA will develop and maintain its own section of the website, highlighting activities and concerns of the department. This proposed section will include support to the larger school system in ICT, development of resources and its dissemination, and showcasing of activities of the department.

Similar initiatives of other NIE departments will be promoted and technologically supported.

6. Total Budget: Rs 1,92,000/-
7. Plans for utilisation and dissemination of the end product(s):

The end product, the NCERT website will promote the activities of the Council, functioning as a clearing house for information, a forum for debate on education and an online resource.

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