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National Institute of Education


Department of Education in Arts and Aesthetics [DEAA]
Department of Elementary Education [DEE]
Department of Education of Groups with Special Needs [DEGSN]
Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations of Education [DEPFE]
Department of Education in Science and Mathematics [DESM]
Department of Education in Social Sciences [DESS]
Department of Education in Languages [DEL]
Department of Gender Studies [DGS]
Department of Teacher Education [DTE]
Department of Curriculum Studies [DCS]


Publication Division [PD]
Library And Documentation Division [LDD]
International Relations Division [IRD]
Planning and Monitoring Division [PMD]
Division of Educational Research [DER]
Educational Survey Division [ESD]
Division of Educational Kits [DEK]


RMSA Project Cell
Hindi Cell
Public Relation Cell [PRC]