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Public Information Services

Public Information Officers

S.No. Names of the Departments/Units/Divisions/Sections/ Institutes Names & Designations of Officers designated as Public Information Officers Telephone No.
13. Division of Educational Kits(DEK) & Campus Maintenance Division Prof. R. K. Parashar, Head 011-26966257
14. Educational Survey Division(ESD) Dr. Y. Sreekanth, Head 011-26602304
15. Division of Educational Research(DER) Dr. Rajendra Pal , Head 011-26962878
16. Publication Division(PD) Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Head. 011-26852261
17. Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) Cell Prof. Ranjana Arora, Head 011-26527044
18. E-II Section, R-II Section, E-III Section, RSM Cell & Hindi Cell & IWSU Smt. Kanta Kelkar, Deputy Secretary 011-26535586
19. E-I Section, R-I Section, DMS/RIE Admn., CIET(Administration & Accounts) Shri R. Ashoka, Deputy Secretary 011-26961474
20. V & L Section
Shri Krishan Kumar, Section Officer 011-26592193
Ext. 193
21. C&P Section, EC Section(including GRC & RTI Cell) and Security Section
Shri. S.S. Bisht, Under Secretary 011-26560260
22. C&w, S&S Section , R&M(DEK)
Shri. Vijay Kumar, Deputy Secretary 011-26560215
23. Accounts Branch (Cash Section, Pension Cell, GPF Section, Budget Section &Internal Audit Cell, Bill-I Section, Bill-II Section, CPA Section, Compilation Section, GA Section, EA Section, Computer Section)
Shri. D.P. Toor , Chief Accounts Officer 011-26513981
24. Planning and Research Division (PRD), CIET Shri. Kamlesh Rai, Head 011-26864801-10
Ext 152
25. Media Resources Dissemination Division (MRDD), CIET Dr. Lal Singh, Head 011-26565678
26. Training Division (TD), CIET Dr. A. P. Behera, Head 011-26864801
27. Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), CIET Dr. A. P. Behera, Head 011-26864801
28. Engineering Division (ED), CIET Shri M.P. Singh, Head 011-26865679
29. Media Production Division (MPD), CIET Dr. Lal Singh, Head 011-26565678

Do not call on these numbers to seek general information

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