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Public Information Services

Public Information Officers

S.No. Names of the Departments/Units/Divisions/Sections/ Institutes Names & Designations of Officers designated as Public Information Officers Telephone No.
13. Division of Educational Kits(DEK) Prof. R. K. Parashar, Head 26966257
14. Educational Survey Division(ESD) Prof. Sridhar Srivastava, Head 26602304
15. Division of Educational Research(DER) Prof.A. K. Srivastava, Head 26962878
16. Publication Division Dr. N.K.Gupta, Head. 26852261
17. Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) Prof. Ranjana Arora Head 26527044
18. Campus and Welfare Section including Steward Section Smt. Kanta Kelkar Deputy Secretary 26521588
19. C&P Section, EC Section, R&I Section, RTI Cell and Hindi Cell - 26535586
20. E-I Section, R-I Section, RIEFA Section and SC/ST Cell Sh. Mohammad Salim,Deputy Secretary 26960215
21. E-II Section, E-IV Section, S&S-I & II Section and IWSU Sh. U.K.Pati, Deputy Secretary 26961474
22. CIET Administration & Accounts and E-III Section Shri Sheodan Singh, Deputy Secretary 26560546
23. Accounts Branch (Cash Section, Pension Cell, GPF Section, Budget Section &Internal Audit Cell, Bill-I Section, Bill-II Section, CPA Section, Compilation Section, GA Section, EA Section, Computer Section)
Shri. D.P. Toor , Chief Accounts Officer 26513981
24. Chief Vigilance Officer
Dr. Shankar Sharan, Associate Professor  
25. V&L Section, Security Section and CR Cell
- VSO 26961926
26. Planning and Research Division (PRD), CIET Dr. Kamlesh Rai 26864801-10
Ext 152
27. Media Resources Dissemination Division (MRDD), CIET Dr. Lal Singh 26864801-10
Ext 159
28. Training Division (TD), CIET Prof. A. P. Behera, Head 26864801-10
Ext 235
29. Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), CIET Prof. A. P. Behera, Head 26864801-10
Ext 235
30. Engineering Division (ED), CIET Shri B.K.Saha, Head 26864801-10
Ext 213
31. Media Production Division (MPD), CIET Dr. Lal Singh, Head 26864801-10
Ext. 159

Do not call on these numbers to seek general information

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