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Public Information Services

F.No. 1-4/2014-RTI Cell(PIOs)
National Council of Educational Research and Training
Sri Aurbindo Marg, New Delhi-110016

OFFICE ORDER Dated:- 20 February, 2017

In Continuation of Council Office order of even number dated 03.16.2016 and 20.02.2017 regarding appointment of Public Information Officers and Appellate Public Information Officers of Councils, the following Officers of the Council will now be the Public Information Officers and Appellate Public Information Officers of the respective Departments/Units/ Divisions/ Sections/Institutes of the Council, under the Right to Information Act-2005 with immediate effect.

Public Information Officers

S.No. Names of the Departments/Units/Divisions/Sections/ Institutes Names & Designations of Officers designated as Public Information Officers Telephone No.
1. Deptt. of Education in Social Sciences (DESS) Dr. Gouri Srivastava, Head 011-26562582
2. Deptt. of Education in Science and Mathematics(DESM) Prof. Dinesh Kumar, Head 011-26561742
3. Deptt. Elementary Education (DEE) Dr. Suniti Sanwal, Head 011-26863735
4. Deptt. of Education Psychology and Foundation of Education( DEPFE) Prof. A.K. Srivastava, Head 011-26560544
5. Deptt. of Education in Languages (DEL) Prof. Sandhya Singh, Head 011-26565336
6. Deptt. of Teacher Education (DTE) Prof. Raj Rani, Head 011-26567320
7. Deptt. of Education of Groups with Special Needs (DEGSN) Prof. S.C Chauhan, Head 011-26962459
8. Department of Education in Arts and Aesthetics(DEAA) Prof. Jyotsna Tiwari, Head 011-26511538
9. Deptt. of Gender Studies(DGS) Prof. Mona Yadav, Head 011-26962590
10. Planning and Moinitoring Division (PMD) Prof. A.D.Tiwari, Head 011-26864875
11. International Relations Division (IRD) Prof. P.K. Mandal, Head 011-26561102
12. Library and Documentation Division (LDD) Prof. Saroj Yadav, Head 011-26863154

Do not call on these numbers to seek general information

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