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Quotation for purchase of Yoga kit items
Purchase of 30Nos. Steel-com-Wooden Bed and 30 Nos. Mattresses for the use in NIE Guest House
Quotation for the puchse of livery items(summer uniform)
Tender enquiry for the purchase of Split and Window ACs 5 Star with Branded Stabilizer
Tender for the supply of potable water of Bisleri/Aquafina/Kingfisher/Faster for the use in NCERT including NIE Guest House of NCERT's
Tender for contract of providing DLY/DLZ Cars only to the NCERT      |     Extention of Date
Limited Tender Enquiry for supply of 05 Nos. each of Urdu Language Kit and Rainbow: English language kit
Public Notice to Open Technical and Financial bid related to evaluation of NTS
Maintenance/repair/servicing of WTAC/ split AC installed.
Auction Notice for the disposal of condemned vehicles
Tendor for AC repair and maintenance.      |     Extention of Date
Short notice inviting tender for transportation of books from NCR,Delhi to Bhubaneswar.
Tender for the Purchase of one PA System for the use in Seminar Room above SBI Building of NCERT
Tender Document of 27500 Nos. of Early School Mathematics Learning Kits as per NCERT specification      |     Amendment
Tender document for evaluation of NTS Scheme      |     Extention of Date
Tender for Engagement of Chartered Accountant
Tender for the FSMA of photocopier & FAX machines installed in different deptt./section of NCERT Hq.      |     Amendment
Tender for procurement of 570 MTS 220 GSM art card
Tender document for comprehensive annual maintenance contract of computers & peripherals in ncert including CIET      |     Amendment     |     Amendment