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Memorial Lectures Series - 2007- 2008

Appendix 1
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture 17 January 2007 India International Centre New Delhi
Prof. Christopher Winch Educational Philosophy and Policy King's College London, UK Individuals,Workers or Citizens:Reflections on the Limits of School-based Educational Reform Professor Mrinal Miri Former Vice Chancel/or NEHU,Shillong
Zakir Husain Memorial Lecture 19 January 2007 RIB Mysore Dr. Radhika Herzberger,
Director, Rishi Valley School
Chittor, Andhra Pradesh
Religion,Education and Peace Professor B.L.Chaudhary Vice Chancel/or Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur,Rajasthan
Mahadevi verma Memorial Lecture 17 August,2007 RegionalInstitute of Education,Bhopal Prof. Karuna Chanana Former Professor Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies School of Social Sciences, JNU Women in Indian Academe; Diversity Difference and Inequality in a Contested Domain Professor R.S.Sirohi Vice Chancel/or Barkatulla University,Bhopal
B.M.Pugh Memorial Lecture 11 March,2008 Laitumkhrah Womens College,Shillong Shri Ratan Thiyam Chairperson Chorus Repertory Theatre,Imphal Theatre Language and Expression Professor T.Ao Dean,School of Humanities,NEHU,Shillong
Marjorie Sykes Memorial Lecture 8 April,2008 RIE,Ajmer Jawahar Rang Manch Ajmer Ms.Medha Patkar Social Activist Socialisation vs. Politics of Education Professor. M.S.Agwani Former Vice Chancelor,JNU
Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Lecture 19 July,2008 Regional Institute of Education,Bhubaneswar Professor N.R.Menon Member,Commission on Centre State Relations Realising Equality of Status and of Opportunity: Role of Government Judiciary and Civil Society . Professor Chandrashekhar Rath Eminent Writer
Gijubhai Badekha Memorial Lecture 11 September,2009 RIE Mysore Shri U.R.Anantha Murthy My Writing My Times
Professor G.h.Nayak Kannada Literary Critic
Savitribai Phule Memorial Lecture 12 December,2008 SNDT Women's University,Mumbai Dr.Sunderaraman Director State Health Resource Centre The Educational Institution as a Health Facility Dr (Ms) Vibhuti Patel Professor, Head and Director PGSK, SNDT Women's College,Mumbai
Sri Aurobindo Memorial Lecture 2 July,2008 Dorozio Hall Presidency College,Kolkata Shri Manoj Das International Centre of Education Sri Aurobindo Ashram Puducherry Education for a Faith in the Future Professor Sanjib Ghosh Principal Presidency College,Kolkata